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    My wife's b-day coming up.

    She really thought that I was going overboard when I got my 7000, and only wanted a basic pns with the arrival of our baby. She said how it's too much for her to wrap her head around and wants simple automatic camera settings. Then she tagged along with me to a camera club meeting and is HOOKED! Everything is iso this, dof that...Lightroom 4 tutorials and all.

    She has a b-day coming up and was thinking that she wanted a 3100 or 5100...I think that she will get frustrated very quickly with them (she did the same thing with a sport bike (crotchrocket) that we got her...didn't wanna go big enough and got very bored, very fast) so I want to get her ...well the 7000...is this overkill? Two identical cameras in the same house? With a semi-limited budget (can spring for the 7000 kit from costco or similar) what would you do?

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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    For the same budget, maybe a nice point and shoot and a faster lens for the D7000? Have you thought of that option?
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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    Marcel has a good point. I got my wife the Nikon Coolpix L120 and she loves it. The one thing that is nice about that option is that with a new baby so many times you need to grab something and get a fast picture. The L120 will do it and give you good results. Macro and a very long zoom.

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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    Heh, we already have 2 very nice pns cameras and she has very much outgrown it. She's constantly borrowing my camera and wants a good dslr of her own. So sticking with that theme, is anything comparable to the 7000? Maybe the 3200....but I can see becoming frustrated with that also...

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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    Why don't you upgrade to a D700 or D600 and give her the 7000?

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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    Why not look into a Nikon V1 or J1? have interchangeable lenses and some nice functions. They seem to be, at least to me, a hybrid between the PnS and Mid range DSLRs. I have never used either camera, just from the research ive done over the last few months. A D90 may also work very well for your situation. Hope you find what she needs, good luck

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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    Id give mine an empty box an tell her its an action man deserter
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    My wife has the D300 and I have the 300s, only because I got mine later. If you think she is going to get serious get the 7000. It avoids any jealousy issues or "your pics are better because of your camera" stuff. It also saves learning two cameras and you can share knowledge.
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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    why don't you just ask her what she wants lol
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    Re: My wife's b-day coming up.

    Quote Originally Posted by lee786 View Post
    why don't you just ask her what she wants lol
    I did that, she couldn't really answer me,so I gave her $500 and told her to buy her own.
    She came home with two new outfits, a purse, and three pairs of shoes. And she still wants a camera.

    I'll never do that again.
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