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    Live view exposure

    Can anybody tell me how to set the CORRECT exposure when I am about to film in Live View using D7000?
    I know how to adjust aperture, ISO etc but but nothing tells me if this is right. I can see the picture getting brighter or darker so do I have to just use my eyes?
    If for example I was to film in a church then I would use pre set and manually obtain correct white balance, but is the rest just up to my eye?
    If taking a STILL picture at say 125 then the aperture would adjust automatically giving me right exposure.

    Or should I switch to a scene mode and leave it at that?


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    Re: Live view exposure

    I'm not sure on the D7000, but on my D600... If I press the Info button multiple times, it cycles thru different over-lays for the Live-View... One of them has a meter bar...

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