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    Can't access menu

    Hi peeps. I just bought a new secondhand D700. Was following a youtube video yesterday and adjusting various things in the menu without being sure what I was doing to be fair but setting my camera up like his. Now I cannot see the normal display in the top screen. When I switch on it says OF 1.0 with a long line under it and when I move the dial on the camera it goes to 3F 1.0 if I go one way and -2F 1.0 if I go the other way. When I press the button on the front left of the camera the display returns while it's pressed but goes away again when released. How do I return it to normal. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Can't access menu

    Have you tried a factory reset?

    Factory reset is hold the two green buttons and turn the camera on.

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    Re: Can't access menu

    I agree with Marilynne's input. But I would also reset the custom menu as well. And if enough people with more knowledge see this thread. You will be in good hands.

    Good luck

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    Re: Can't access menu

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    Hopefully Marilynne's suggestion to do a factory reset will get you up and running. Did you get a manual with your camera? If not, you can go to Nikon.com and download one. Another option is a purchase a D700 book. You should never start making menu changes for your camera without understanding what you are doing.
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    Re: Can't access menu

    A Nikon rep told me that a factory reset will only reset the shooting menu. If other settings are changed, that's where you might run into problems if you don't know what settings are factory default and what might have been changed. Feel free to ask any questions here. Surely someone will be able to tell you how any particular setting is set on their own camera.
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    Re: Can't access menu

    if after going through the manual and a custom shooting menu reset as well. You might have gotten a "defective" D700, that's the price we pay for going used and not from a store like adorama or b and h, which offer some sort of a warranty.

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    Re: Can't access menu

    Oops, forgot to say Welcome! Don't forget to let us know how things work out for you.

    Please feel free to introduce yourself here - https://nikonites.com/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=35

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    Re: Can't access menu

    I just tried it and at first I thought it had worked. The normal display came up on the top screen when it booted up but when I let go of the buttons it returned to this other display. The display shows exposure and flash bracketing screen. ( I looked it up) When I press the FN button on the front it returns to the normal display up top but again it changes back when I let go of the button.
    Here's to hoping someone can help. I no longer have access to the menu button on the back of the camera so I can't go back and try to reset anything. I can still take photos but can't adjust anything. Each time I release the FN button it makes a sound like taking a photo.

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    Re: Can't access menu

    Thats a rough way to start out with your new to you camera. Sorry. Did the camera function normally before you went into the menu and made some changes? If there is no way to get back into the menu, all the buttons dont seem to do what they're supposed to do, it seems to me you are a few button clicks away from having a new to you paperweight. Was there any kind of warranty that came with it? Try to troubleshoot a few things. Are there any sticky buttons? The camera might be receiving multiple commands if so. Are all the contacts clean? The camera might be getting a jammed or incomplete signal from somewhere. Is the battery fully charged and the contacts on the battery clean? Inside the battery compartment, do the pins look straight? If all other attempts fail, you might want to try to do a firmware update. That might wake up the camera, but in order to apply it, you would need to somehow access the menu, (caution! this might brick your camera. Only do it as a final last resort, just before throwing it against the wall. If you dont follow the firmware directions exactly, it can brick the camera. This may include holding buttons down). If you hold the side button on the front of the camera that mysteriously puts the camera right, can you continue to hold that button and access the menu? Is there a camera store near you that services cameras? Sending it off to Nikon for repair might cost more than a new second hand D700. Fingers crossed for ya, let us know what you come up with.
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    Re: Can't access menu

    That would be menu F10... Turn it OFF...

    There are two ways buttons work. One is... You hold a button, and the turn a command dial, while holding the button... when you release the button, the camera returns to the normal state.

    The other one works by pressing the button, and the camera remains in that state, while you turn a dial, and the returns when you press the button a second time.

    An example.

    Press and hold the ISO button, and the screen changes...turning the back dial, changes the iso...release the ISO button, and the screen returns to the normal screen.

    Other option is press the ISO button once, and the top screen changes to the ISO screen... Turning the back button changes the ISO. To return to the regular screen, you need to press the ISO button again...

    Menu F10 on the D700 changes between these two optional ways the buttons act.

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