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    Since a while my d700 with about 50.000 shutterclicks shows ERR (error) in the lcd display and the photos are overexposed. When dismounting and mounting the lens or powering off sometimes I can take 1 or 2 normal photos before the error returns. It does it with various lenses. I cleaned the contacts without result. I suppose I should bring it to a servicecenter but I wonder if at all this is repairable and if it is worth it. Anybody any idea?

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    Re: Err+overexposed

    Probably the shutter.

    If that's the case, it is repairable and not too expensive. Plus you'll have a 0 count shutter.

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    Re: Err+overexposed

    The ERR is the most serious of the Nikon error messages. Often it means a failing or failed shutter. The shutter mechanism has a self monitoring mechanism and if it finds the shutter timings are wrong, it halts the camera and starts flashing the ERR message. Overexposed pictures could be a telltale of this.

    Dirty contacts can cause it too, but you have eliminated this. How about battery contacts? Is the battery ok? I sometimes see the message when shooting fast bursts with an old/depleted battery. The low voltage from the battery is unable to re-arm the shutter, the camera senses malfunction, and halts with blinking ERR. A fresh battery fixes this.

    Also a damaged AI-feeler tab on the lens mount could be the culprit.

    Too many possibilities to be honest, and some of them expensive. Can you get a free estimate from repair center?
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