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    Nikon d5600 Live View Question

    Hello everyone,

    I own a Nikon d5600 and am very happy and satisfied regarding it's specs and the shots y can take with this cam. I have a question though regarding the live view on this specific model. I had in the past a Canon "" for short time to shoot around and get introduced to the world of photography. Back then even on this old model if you had live view on and you changed the ISO or anything else while trying to take the picture you could see the changes live on screen. Before buying the d5600 I saw this same feature on the Nikon d750 and d850 while doing a photoshooting at a friends place. I know the last 2 models I mentioned are full frame and released later than the Nikon d5600. My issue is that I can't find an option (or this option doesnt exist) on the Nikon d5600, which I find a pitty for such a newly released model and for the amount it cost me. I searched through the manual settings and i think this option does not exist. So please enlighten me if you know something about this matter and so I can either enable this feature or live with the fact that it doesn exist.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: Nikon d5600 Live View Question

    Hi Themoo, welcome to the forum!

    I have the D5500 - basically the same camera as yours - and no, it does not have that feature. Since these are still considered "entry level" models, you give up a certain amount of functions in return for lower price. (I'm not sure what you consider "such a newly released model", since it's been on the market for 3 years now. I hope you didn't pay too much for it!)

    Anyway, you still have an excellent camera with terrific features and a great sensor for an entry level DX camera. I think you'll find yourself liking it the more you use it, regardless of the Live View issue.

    Post some pictures - we'd love to see them
    Fiat lux. Fiat vox.

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    Re: Nikon d5600 Live View Question

    Welcome to the site.

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    Re: Nikon d5600 Live View Question

    Welcome to the forum


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