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    GPS settings showing over picture

    This has just started to happen: The longitude, latitude and date in a black box is showing over the top of the photo when taken and I have to press the shutter button to clear (previously just the picture would show for a few seconds). Also this box appears when looking at the photos (by pressing the play button). The other thing here is the date and time is 12 hours out. If I view the the photo on computer the date and time is correct. What is causing this? Thanks,

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    Re: GPS settings showing over picture

    I dont know your camera but does it have the multi selector wheel on the back, left and right press for scrolling through images, if so try an up or down press,have you enabled anything to do with image transfere like snapbridge.
    It sounds like a setting thing rather than a fault.
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    Re: GPS settings showing over picture

    Thanks Mike, I didn't think it was a fault. I thought it might be a setting but couldn't find anything. Taking a photo then pressing up button worked. Cheers,
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