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    Re: Nikon D5600 WIFI and Bluetooth problems.

    My issue with SnapBridge is that it resets my D5600's M settings when I invoke Remote Photography. This is intensely annoying for nighttime low light photography.

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    Re: Nikon D5600 WIFI and Bluetooth problems.

    Did anyone find a solution to this? I bought a D5600 last year around October. I had SnapBridge on my old phone (Samsung Note 5) and it always paired fine. I got an iPhone 8+ this year and the pairing with my DSLR is complete AIDS. There are days when it does pair and my photos download and then there are days when my iPhone says it is connected to my DSLR with Bluetooth but my SnapBridge tells me otherwise saying my cameraís WiFi is off or my camera is connected to a different device. Itís either the iOS application for SnapBridge is complete SHIT (no wonder the rating are lower than my GPA) or my iPhone is just trying to fk around with me.

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    Re: Nikon D5600 WIFI and Bluetooth problems.

    I just got a D5600 today and have been trying to get it set up. First problem was that there was not even an option to turn the WiFi on. That was solved through updating the firmware from 1.03 to 1.10.

    Unfortunately the problem I am still faced with is that WMU still returns an error "Live view cannot be started. Check the camera" There seems to be nothing wrong with the camera and all the other functions between snapbridge and the camera seem to work. Anyone overcome this? The phone is a Samsung Galaxy J7 pro

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    Re: Nikon D5600 WIFI and Bluetooth problems.

    This is something I have been dealing with the past week. I cannot, under any circumstances get the wireless to connect to my phone. I have tried using an old Samsung S7 and it still isn't picking up a signal. The other thing I've noticed is the battery drains incredibly fast. I even tried connecting to my latest gen iPod touch. It seems like the camera is just not broadcasting a wireless signal to pick up

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    Re: Nikon D5600 WIFI and Bluetooth problems.

    I could not figure this out until someone mentioned WMU.

    Follow these steps in order...

    Download and Install Firmware: latest firmware for the Nikon D5600
    As of today 1/30/2021 The Latest Firmware 1.10 updated from 1.03 (Windows or MAC)
    Follow directions exactly!

    Download and Install phone app: WMU Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility app (Windows or MAC)

    Download and Install phone app: SnapBridge app version 2.7 as of today 1/30/2021 (Windows or MAC)


    This fixed my Bluetooth and Wifi connection issues with the Nikon D5600. WMU app was necessary to fix.

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    Re: Nikon D5600 WIFI and Bluetooth problems.

    This thread gets an award for the most 'one and done' posters.
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