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    Suddenly snapping photos on it's own?!

    I just upgraded (finally after 5-6 years) from a Nikon D3200 to the 5500, and I've only done three shoots with it so far, but the other day I was at the zoo, hadn't taken a photo in a minute or two, and had the camera around my neck, not touching it but still on, and suddenly it snapped 3-4 photos very quickly on its own. It was startling. It was not in any kind of mode for delays or timers, it's not like the shutter had been open and then closed... It was really weird.

    I picked up the camera from MPB. I got a great deal, and I've emailed them about a few issues I have with it, but I'm concerned it may be refurbished or faulty. I literally paid $444 for it, which was one of the best deals on the internet, but the company had good reviews.

    Any idea what this could be? Is it something that is going to cause me bigger problems down the road? Or maybe just part of it is dysfunctional? I hate to send it back!

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    Re: Suddenly snapping photos on it's own?!

    Based on this post and your other post, I would send it back ASAP.
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    Re: Suddenly snapping photos on it's own?!

    I'd start by doing a reset and see if this happens again. If this was a used unit, it might have been setup in a Time-lapse mode?? Or if the Wi-Fi was enabled, someone with a similar camera was affecting yours.

    But doing a reset and using it for a day or 2 would tell more. If it happens again, then send it back for a refund.
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    Re: Suddenly snapping photos on it's own?!

    Back when I had a Nikon N70 (35mm film body), I ran into that issue. I'd turn off the body and put it away in my bag. When the film would get developed, there were a series of completely blank images in the middle of the strips of negatives. It happened because I used a Nikon SB-28 which had a known problem. Even when the flash wasn't mounted on the body, this continued to happen. Nikon fixed both the body and flash under warranty which resolved the issue.

    I'm not saying that's what is happening in your case...just letting you know there *might* be some type of electrical issue causing the body to do it on its own.

    Like Marcel mentioned, reset the body. That clears a lot of settings that are stored in it--not all of them--but possibly whatever is causing the issue.

    Were the exposures all the same, or did they turn out as though bracketing was on--a series of darker exposures, normal exposures, and lighter exposures one right after the other?
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