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    D5300 or D5500?

    I am confused between D5300 and D5500. Which camera out of the 2 has better image quality, and sharper images? I want to do some travel videos and landscape photography. So which camera should I go for?

    (Don't know is thist the right place or not. I'm sorry if i choose thr wrong place)

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    Re: D5300 or D5500?

    The only choice is, do you want a touch screen or not ?
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    Re: D5300 or D5500?

    take a trip and visit B & H or ADORAMA in new york. internet info can help, hands on way better.
    Nikon D5500 vs Nikon D5300 Detailed Comparison


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    Re: D5300 or D5500?

    I upgraded from a D5300 to the D5500 and have not looked back!

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