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I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and this is pretty much what I did, following your guide here. I tried to connect to WMU a week or so ago after I downloaded it, to no avail!

I turned off data and didn't "forget" my wifi, but unchecked the box to autoconnect to it. Next, enabled the D5300 wifi, and it was doing the "connecting to" thingy that it does. The camera didn't give me the option this time for WPS connection, like it did a week ago, but I did get it to connect. I took 10 or so pics with the phone remote shutter button, and turned it off and back on. It worked! I assumed that it would work if I turned the camera off, so I put the phone away and now I am thinking that I should have tried that as well. Oh well, it works now! Thank you all!

Happy to see you got it to work. It can be finicky sometimes.

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