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    Re: Lens Opinions

    Quote Originally Posted by jayw View Post
    That sounds interesting. As I don't have a tablet, will a laptop work and if so, how do I set up the camera to talk to my laptop? Will I be using LR 6 or something else?
    That is the downside to Nikonís wireless implementation, it doesnít interact much/at all with desktop platforms. The built-in Wi-Fi wants to talk to Nikonís WMU app, which is only designed for mobile devices.

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    Re: Lens Opinions

    I would echo the suggestion to add a fast prime - first choice would be the DX 35 1.8 - have that one and love it to bits. Once you see what a fast (1.8) lens can do you will be hooked. The other fast primes (50 or 85) would be good choices as well. The 'niffty fifty" is the standard lens - or as it used to be called the normal lens. Everyone is mandated to have one. In theory I've heard it is close to what the human eye's field of vision is. I also have a 60mm 2.8 macro which isn't just for macro but adds that option. But I'd start with the 35mm. And I'd keep the 'super' zoom 16-300 unless you don't like the images. The beauty of DSLR is having lens options. If you can afford it, keep it.

    Having said that I just got home from Christmas with the grandkids - shot lots of 'action' shots of two preschoolers. The lens I had on my camera most of the time was the Nikkor 16-85. Not super fast but I was using speedlights so didn't need to shoot wide open. That 16-85 zoom range on a APC camera is great for indoor and closer work. I switched to my 11-20 at one point and found that while I could get the whole room in the shot easily it was too wide for kiddie shots without getting in their space.

    I do not have the 24-100 but am thinking it might be a good choice - have drooled over the Siggy Artsy version of that lens at a few camera shop counters.
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    Re: Lens Opinions

    Check out qDslrDashboard. It's for both computer and tablet.

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