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    LCD is black

    LCD is black

    Because condensed water defected lcd, lcd became white around edges, i bought a new lcd on ebay and changed it, but now i can't see nothing, lcd is like without power.
    Situation is the same if i put back old lcd, everything is black.
    Maybe pcb flex cable which is glued on a lcd died or something.
    Maybe someone know voltage levels for those three wires, black,yellow,red on attached picture.
    Between black and yellow is 3.2 volts, but between black and red is 0 volts, is this normal, or maybe something died on motherboard too?
    With a photo i can normaly take photos and see them on a computer, only lcd doesn't work.

    LCD is black-khilsaupbwys6rgo.huge.jpg

    thank you

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    Re: LCD is black

    Welcome to the site!
    Don't know the answer to your wiring question. My only suggestion would be to clean and reseat the non-soldered connections which I'm sure you tried several times. I do not like the instruction as they don not indicate you should remove the battery and take static precautions, always a good idea when working on electronics Good Luck! Let us know if you find the solution.
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    Re: LCD is black

    Thanks for reply.
    Yes, i forgot to remove a battery, so probably this was a cause of defected lcd flex pcb board, hope it didn't defect also a mainboard and lcd screen, i ordered a new lcd flex board and will test it.

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    Re: LCD is black

    Remove & replace lens.
    Is mirror stuck up? If so, DO NOT TRY to move it. Take to repairer.
    If mirror is NOT stuck up, reattach lens.
    Be sure it seats properly.
    Try another lens.
    It is possible (not likely) that the lens is damaged and that some lens-camera interaction is causing system lockup.
    Take out battery.
    Leave battery out for one day. NOT 10 minutes. Not 1 hour. A whole 24 hour day.
    Reinsert battery and test.
    Very very unlikely. A glitching system can (very rarely) lock up its electronics [long explanation with held :-) ] so that it must be powered down and given time for charge to leak away via non-usual paths in the IC(s).
    Hopefully this method will works on your model, other wise you can check Nikon D5200 Manual to know what experts suggest on this issue.
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    Re: LCD is black

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.

    Cross my finders your whole camera is not fried.
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    Re: LCD is black

    This is a very old thread. The member had not visited the site since 10-17-2016 12:54 so he probably has the camera repaired or replaced by now.
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