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    Re: Aperture question

    Quote Originally Posted by arshuter View Post
    Thanks Needa and the rest of you for the responses. The manual I got has "Technical Notes" Compatible Lenses on page 65, weird. Now if I can figure out how to do Back Button Focus.

    You are welcome! Nikon, if I am not mistaken, has two types of manuals. There is a user manual and a reference manual, the reference being more in depth information on the camera. I have looked for manuals on nikonusa.com if you ever need them.


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    Re: Aperture question

    Ok, my bad. I was talking about using AF-S in Aperture mode to shoot landscape by D3500 when recompose is needed that requires holding down the BB.

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    Re: Aperture question

    Quote Originally Posted by hark View Post
    I've never used a D3500 or D5100, but back button focus is designed to be used in AF-C. What that means is the camera will continually focus on a moving subject as long as the back button is held down. If a subject is stationary, then it's suggested to focus with the back button, remove the thumb, recompose, and fire the shutter. So when used this way, it simulates AF-S (which is for stationary subjects), and the focus point doesn't change.

    But if you are shooting in AF-C with back button according to this video for the D5100, there isn't any way to focus and recompose without the focus point changing (because it's set for AF-C which is continuous AF). It might be one of the downsides to the D3x00 and D5x00 bodies though.
    The d5100 does have a menu A1 where af-c mode can be set to release priority. The default is focus priority. So the d5100 should be able to use the bbf technique as intended (as Cindy described). I don't have a d5100 though so I can't confirm it works but going by the manual, it should work.
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