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    Re: screen is black & Err...!!! : possible SOLUTION

    Quote Originally Posted by Leon.weinan View Post
    The same thing happen to me, I tried everything but the only solutions was to send it to the after sales service.
    For you information, black screen happen 1 month after I bought it, I sent it to the after sales service, 4 month later it happens AGAIN !!!!! (during Christmas and New Year Eves..) I bought a Nikon D5100 6 month ago (4 month with me, 2 with the after sales service). On top of that they cannot exchange it, just fix it but as they did it once and it did not worked... And then, in few month when my camera is gonna have problem, the warranty would not be effective anymore... who s gonna pay and how much ???? I m so angry !!!
    This just happened to me. I had a black image, while I was able to browse the menu and view pictures I had already taken. It seems like the mirror was stuck in a position where the light did not reach CCD. I am not certain which one fixed the issue, but I have played with the options that allow the cleaning of the mirror and the one which allows to lock the mirror and then turned my camera off. Once I turned it back on, the camera was functional again.

    I hope that it helps you resolve your "black screen" issue.

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    Re: screen is black & Err...!!!

    Screen is Black-One Case Solved
    I know this is an old thread but maybe someone is searching for an answer to a similar problem. I had it and I solved it. (Monitor is black, most of the controls don't work, battery is good and charged, what gives?)
    Each case is different, yours may have another cause. But this problem resolution routine worked for me.
    1. Switch to Live View-If the monitor works and many of the controls come back, you know the camera is probably OK, Otherwise a trip to Nikon Service is in order.
    2. Try every control and button on the camera while in Live View. This way you confirm that they are all OK (or not)
    3. Find a sticky button. In my case it was the depth of field preview button. Pushed partially down and won't come up. I never pushed it but possibly i depressed it by accident.
    4. Free the button by gentle prying with a fine knife blade and clean with alcohol.
    5. Wa Lah, everything works again.

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