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    Memory Card Not Detected

    Hey guys

    Just brought a new D5100. Having a bit of trouble with the memory card as sometimes the camera seems to work fine and at other times I have a message saying that the memory card hasn't been detected. Once this happens the only way to get it to work again is to re-format the memory card which wipes all the images on the card.

    It's a brand new Sandisk Memory Card which I brought with the camera and is compatible according to the list of memory cards in the instructions.

    Is there anything that I should be doing to stop this problem or is it simply a faulty memory card or camera?


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    Re: Memory Card Not Detected

    Hi Ringo, welcome to the site!

    I believe a firmware update on the D5100 fixed an issue with recognizing memory cards (as referenced here)

    If you're not on v1.01 then try doing the firmware update: http://nikonites.com/d5100/3988-d510...e-v1-01-a.html

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    Re: Memory Card Not Detected

    I just went through the same thing. Update your firmware as I did and all will be better.

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    Re: Memory Card Not Detected

    How do you update the firmware if it requires your memory card -- wow!

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