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    I will be taking a photo of a large group, about 500 people and will be approximately 15-50 feet away. What is the best lens to use?

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    Re: Crowd

    Welcome and good luck with that one.

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    Re: Crowd

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    I agree with mike. Even if you somehow get them all in one image, you will not be able to see their faces anyway.
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    Re: Crowd

    What type of camera will be used? If it's FX, then a wide angle would be best. If it's DX, an ultra wide angle. You will need to keep watch of stretching on the sides. What I mean by that is if you are shooting horizontally and are using a focal length at the extreme wide end, the people standing at the very edges along the sides may appear wider or stretched width-wise due to perspective distortion of the lens. Try to shoot with some space along the edges of your frame.
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    Re: Crowd

    Quote Originally Posted by Toni4j View Post
    I will be taking a photo of a large group, about 500 people and will be approximately 15-50 feet away. What is the best lens to use?
    Tripod, wide-angle lens, take multiple images with the camera in Portrait mode panning on the tripod head and create a Pano using any one of the available programs that allow it...
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    Re: Crowd

    That is a big group. Curious as to how the shot is going to set up, will they be on bleachers or just a a crowd. Given any thought to a panorama shot.

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    Re: Crowd

    May need to take several pictures to be sure everyone is smiling and with their eyes open.
    I have trouble getting good pictures of more than 3 people.
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    Re: Crowd

    I'd use a platform, crane, ladder, anything to get higher in order to shot down. Otherwise the picture might look like a banner. Unless you can set them up in a stairway, but I doubt that you can get 500 people to stay still in a stairway...

    Now if you could use a drone, you could set up boundaries on the ground, install them and have the drone go up to take the shot. If I was getting paid to do such a shot, I would go this route even if I'd have to rent one with the pilot.

    Hope this helps cause you're going to need all the help you can get.
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