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    Re: D5100 vs D90

    first, fire sells of the 5100 at 500 dollars which is a great deal. Brand new camera for 500 dollars.

    it really depends on whether or not your want the older generation lens (mostly used), Nikon is quickly
    phasing out these lens, and bring on the G generation lens.

    on the otherhand, I really like shooting in manual mode (being too conditioned with old film cameras), so
    I really like the front and back command dials, one for the aperature, second for the speed.

    go handle both if you can, the 5100 is a bit smaller, I really like the way the D90 feels in the hand,

    I have had both sensors, D5100 has the same as the D7000 and I really like the look of the pictures out
    of the 16 Meg sensor. The D90 shares the sensor of the D300, which is quite nice.

    so,, either way,, will work for what ever choice you pick.

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    Re: D5100 vs D90

    Traditionally when Nikon had film cameras with Auto Focus, they usually had a camera in the body and lenses were just AF (i.e without a motor). The modern trend is to have a lens which AF-S i.e with a motor in the lens (the so called Silent Wave Motor of Nikon). These lenses with motor are usually faster than the AF lenses and also more expensive. With D90, you will have to choice of using either an AF lens (using the body motor) or the AF-S lens (using the lens motor). With D5100, you have to always use the AF-S lens or focus manually.
    Coming back to your requirement where you need fast focusing / continuous focus mode, you are better off with the AF-S series lenses. I assume you will also need a decently long telephoto (70-200 may be) with a VR as well and those come only in AF-S series lenses. You can also go through the following link :
    Lens focus motor - Learn - Snapsort

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    Re: D5100 vs D90

    updated prices in first post.

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