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    My iso comes in 200 red

    Hi there i need some info my Nikon D5100 when i use it in P M A S modes and i set the iso to any number and use a flash it always shoot the photo in ISO 200 in Red , why is that

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    Re: My iso comes in 200 red

    When ISO Sensitivity Auto control is enabled, the camera will endeavour to use the ISO you set, but will increase the ISO automatically (up to your defined max) if it's not achieving the shutter speed set in the menu. If you actually take a shot then check the settings used on the LCD, you may well see that the ISO will be a different value, and shown in red, to indicate that the camera took over and adjusted it automatically.

    (Stolen from: How do I enable auto-ISO in non-scene modes in a Nikon D5100? - Photography)
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    Re: My iso comes in 200 red

    Thank you for the great info, i am kind of new to this , i thought i had a problem with the camera, again thank you

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    Re: My iso comes in 200 red

    I never use auto, well, anything besides white balance, but shooting with a flash seems to limit shutter to 1/200 tops. And this is on M mode.
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