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    Re: SnapBridge

    Same camera but iPhone.

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    Re: SnapBridge

    Me getting frustrated with Snapbridge on my D500

    I finally was able to get it to work (obviously) but on my wife Samsung Note 3 running Android 5.
    My Moto G4plus was not able to connect, it is running Android 6.
    But even then every time you leave Snapbridge and go back to it, it starts over again to communicate with the camera - slow as molasses in January.

    Tried to use my little clicker button trigger thing that works with my other Nikons - not the D500. No, too simple and easy. This camera control needs work. And I need more practice with it. But not motivated to do that. I'm thinking the delayed timer will do for any tripod selvies I need to take.

    And yes that is the Snapchick Youtube in the background, as she gets frustrated with Snapbridge too.
    FKD Alberta Canada

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    Tamron: SP 24-70 2.8, SP 70-300 4-5.6, SP 17-35 2.8-4
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    Re: SnapBridge

    snapbridge is crap , i got it working no problems but i want regular wifi , i cant use helicon remote for focus stacking because of snapbridge , it limits what we can use and they should update the firmware to allow us to use normal wifi as well
    nikon d500 , nikon 70-300vrg 4.5-5.6,nikon 105 2.8,tokina 11-16

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