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    Re: Newbie's question

    Quote Originally Posted by blackstar View Post
    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks so much for the great lesson. I studied (in theory and some practice) the various methods (settings) for photo shootings in different situations (static, moving, low-light, etc.) as you described. I still need confirmation on the two situations, moving object and selective focus, you would use SP (Shutter priority)+AF+Aiso and AP (Aperture priority)+AF+Aiso.

    Now I realize I had a hard time focusing moon all because two mistakes made: wrong hyperfocal distance (I used long focal length and smaller aperture that makes a far ~150m hyperfocal distance), and AF instead MF (that's why my camera won't take shots when failed to focus).

    For your "Eagle" photo, the shooting information state: focal length=420mm, but lens=300mm. I wonder why?

    Again, thank you so much for all the help.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikew View Post
    Most likely a 300mm and 1.4 converter
    As Mike mentioned, it was a 300mm and 1.4x teleconverter. The EXIF attached to the image lists it as 420mm so any teleconverter is automatically factored into the focal length.

    For moving subjects such as birds, I use Manual Mode with Auto ISO. That way I can control my aperture with the front dial on my D7200 (shoot open or close to it if I want a shallower depth of field), and I control my shutter speed with the rear dial. But I'm not sure that is an option for your body. And I use AF-C (continuous AF) for moving subjects. The body will continually adjust it's AF when the button is held partway down.

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    Re: Newbie's question

    Ok, for moving objects, M+AFC+Aiso with speed and aperture adjusted to desire. There are more ways to adjust aperture in D3500. And maybe for selective focus, M+AFS+Asio with aperture and speed adjusted also goes?

    By the way, is there an easy way to view the EXIF of each image shot from the camera with disk and from the computer after transfer. Prefer to view in the computer (it's nice to see on forum's site, but prefer to view in my computer). Maybe use a specific image editor (gimp or darktable)? Thanks

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    Re: Newbie's question

    I down load into this program it shows exif


    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

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    Re: Newbie's question

    Thanks, Mike.

    I guess I am always a bit too fast to ask questions. I now find both Gimp and Darktable I use show image metadata (a lot in gimp, few but enough I like to see in Darktable). Nikon's ViewNX seems a bit old (my old OSX seems NEWER than ViewNX can support).

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    Re: Newbie's question

    blackstar are you using darktable on Lunix or Windows?

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    Re: Newbie's question

    Hi Needa,

    I use Gimp and Darktable on Mac.

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    Re: Newbie's question

    Quote Originally Posted by blackstar View Post
    Hi Needa,

    I use Gimp and Darktable on Mac.
    Ok, then my info won't be of any help.

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