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    Re: Never enough light

    Silly question, but......... since you're shooting in manual, are you using the lowest ISO and a smaller (higher number) apertures? If so, that will force you to use slow shutter speeds.

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    Re: Never enough light

    Do a camera reset to be sure the settings are not the problem. After reset, try it in Green Automatic mode and see what the camera selected to get proper exposure.Does that work or is it still dark.
    If it is, I suspect a bent or aperture indexing arm. If you take the lens of you will see a small tab at the rear of the lens that when you push it, the apertur opens and closes, That should be free to move smoothly. In the camera lens mount is a mating metal tab that does not move to the touch but is driven by a motor inside the camera. When metering, the lens is normally wide open but when the shutter is pressed, the calculated desired aperture value drives the little tab in the lens mount of the body to stop down the aperture to the needed size. If that arm inside the camera is bound up or bent, it will not allow the aperture to open fully. That is usually caused by one of the lenses having a bent indexing tab that in turn bends the camera indexing tab.

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