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    Changing ISO

    My daughter just got the Nikon d3400 ( my son and I have canon, so we can't really help) we are shooting astrophotography and want to set her camera on manual mode to 30. F 4.5 and when we try to change the ISO to 1600 or 800 the other numbers change or the ISO keeps flashing and won't go past 100. I assume there's something automatic we are missing but I'm not sure what it is. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Changing ISO

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
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    I'll bet you have auto ISO turned on. If you want to manually set ISO, you have to turn Auto ISO off. Since I don't have this camera, I can't give you the procedure, but it is in the camera manual.
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    Re: Changing ISO

    Welcome to Nikonites.

    I the camera didn't come with a manual you can download it here.


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    Re: Changing ISO

    I think the d3400 comes with a paper user manual, but what you want is the reference manual. Look for the Reference Manual at that link Needa posted.

    You definitely want to turn auto iso off in the menu like Brent said and be sure you are in M mode.
    I don't think the iso menu actually says 'off', I think you just don't pick auto and select the desired iso instead.

    You say the 'other numbers' were changing when you tried to change iso. If you are in M, shutter and aperture should not change unless you change them. If you were for sure in M, maybe the command wheel got accidentally turned at some point.
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    Re: Changing ISO

    Howdy and welcome to Nikonites! Brent had the right idea ... check that Auto ISO is not enabled, and disable that if it is. Seems like it's enabled by default, and would explain the behavior you're seeing.

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    Re: Changing ISO

    Agreed, auto ISO is on.
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    Re: Changing ISO

    Hello and welcome........................................... ............
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