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    Re: New D3400 OUT SCORES D500 ! WHAT ????

    And for what the DxOMark tests are worth, the D7200 outscores both the D3400 and D500!
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    Re: New D3400 OUT SCORES D500 ! WHAT ????

    Not beating the messenger.

    For me, that evaluation means nothing. The D500 is very specific to high frame rate and high ISO capability. All the rest means nothing to me because it's a very specific tool and in the areas that I would buy the D500 for, the D3400 doesn't surpass it. I would hope no one buys the D3400 thinking they are getting a superior camera for 25% of the price.
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    Re: New D3400 OUT SCORES D500 ! WHAT ????

    From what I have read on DxO we should take it with a very large pinch of salt.............
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    Re: New D3400 OUT SCORES D500 ! WHAT ????

    Any newer bit will be a bit newer.
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    Re: New D3400 OUT SCORES D500 ! WHAT ????

    This is great news, because it means that the manufacturers are still capable of improving the sensor stuff. Small steps sure, but in the right direction. The steps are much smaller than what they were in the past, but the development hasn't stalled yet despite the rapidly declining sales and even more rapidly declining profits.
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    Re: New D3400 OUT SCORES D500 ! WHAT ????

    Could have saved @Blacktop a fortune
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