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    Connecting D3300 with pc

    I have been using my d3300 for taking pictures for a goodwhile. I wanted to use this as a camera for my meetings as I don't do photography anymore. But everytime I connect it with my pc it says "cannot start live view at current settings or conditions. And also when I try getting into playback it says Playback is not available. Would appreciate any help. Thank you

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    Re: Connecting D3300 with pc

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.

    You might want to take at look at this link: https://havecamerawilltravel.com/pho...deo-streaming/
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    Re: Connecting D3300 with pc

    I'm not knowledgeable about your situation but am having trouble understanding how you want to use the camera. In hopes of others being able to offer you some suggestions, what are you planning to do? A slide show presentation? Capturing video? What software are you using on your PC? How are you connecting the camera to the PC?

    For example, Lightroom has the option to connect with a camera via a tethering cord. And when pics/portraits are taken, Lightroom allows the PC to display the images on a larger screen. If you can give some info regarding these questions, hopefully someone can hone in on your issue.

    By the way, welcome!
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    Re: Connecting D3300 with pc

    Like the issue is basically I connect my camera with my pc with the usb output. And it lets me also transfer pictures and videos to my computer from my camera.. also I have the nikon webcam utility from the website itself as well as obs. Everytime I connect my camera to my pc the live view turns off and playback disables automatically. Even if I turn live capture on and connect it to my pc it automatically disables itself and keeps prompting the message not in the condition to switch to live view. I plan on using it for zoom meetings as my desktop doesnt have a webcam so I would just it as that. Everytime I open obs,discord it just shows the nikon webcam utility logo thats basically what it stays put on. I've tried reseting the shooting mode as well as setup. Still didnt work. This would help attend classes so any assistance will be highly appreciated

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    Re: Connecting D3300 with pc

    Thank you for this website but I've already gone through the site here and this talks about getting an hdmi or display adapter. i wanted to use the cable that comes with the camera(usb) to do the streaming.

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    Re: Connecting D3300 with pc

    First, the NWU info on Nikon USA doesn't say it is compatible with the D3300 camera, but we can try. Which version of Windows do you use? It may need to be 10. Are you using the latest firmware for the camera? Make sure it is. If you just downloaded the Nikon Webcam Utility (NWU) then that should be okay. With the camera off, put in a working memory card, it may be necessary even if you are not using it. If you can take a pic on AUTO mode, it should be fine with the card and lens (< 50mm) that you are using. Take a pic and see. Connect the cable and turn the camera on, with NWU installed. What options pop up in Windows, and which do you select? Try to use Zoom, Skype, or facebook video and see if you can talk with someone. OBS may not be a compatible program with your camera, so for now, don't use it. With Nikon, sometimes you have to use specific programs, and do things in a specific order in order for them to work. For example, having the camera on and plugging it in may not work. The battery also has to at least be close to fully charged to be sure it will work. Auto focus may need to be S, not continuous. There may be other solutions that members here know, give them a few days as not everyone comes here every day. I hope this helps!

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