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    Question Shooting timelapse with D3200

    Hello All,

    I found that D3200 doesnt have a auto bracketing or interval timer, can anyone suggest how can control the camera externally to shoot HDR or timelapse.

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    Re: Shooting timelapse with D3200

    Welcome to the website,

    For timelapse have a look here for some information,
    Time-lapse Intervalometers and Remote Timers: How to Choose the Right One - Learn Timelapse Photography

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    Re: Shooting timelapse with D3200

    One inexpensive interval timer solution is here:

    Amazon.com: interval timer d3100 - Camera & Photo: Electronics

    Most all of these appear to be the same model with different relabled brand names. I have one just like it marked Yongnuo (the only difference in cameras is the provided camera shutter cable). I forget, I think was around $25. It works fine. DC3100 needs the cable compatible with its MC-DC2 port.

    These are inexpensive (varies some), but they appear identical in every way to the Nikon MC-36 model which sells for $160. The Yongnuo label calls it a MC-36b. I wonder how this design became public to be used by all? Apparently the maker will print any name on them.

    Mine was this one:

    Timer Remote Cord MC-36

    Now they have a wireless model of it, a few more dollars. I cannot imagine why an interval timer needs to be wireless.

    They are simple once you figure out that it is actually simple. First few minutes might be confusing.

    These have three timer functions, which can be used together, simultaneously.

    Delay is before it begins timing the shutter action. 0 to 100 hours, in seconds. Can be 0.

    Long is how long of a shutter time to program.. 0 to 100 hours (in seconds). (if in camera Bulb mode... then the timer times the shutter...
    Otherwise (if not bulb), it just triggers the shutter which uses the camera setting).

    Intvl is the interval timer, how often to repeat, and for how many times. 1 second to 100 hours, and 399 cycles. It can be one cycle.

    It can also just be a simple remote shutter cord too, it has a sliding Hold on the button.

    Its a little hard to see the Underline marking indicating which timer is being programmed, but it is at the very top edge of the LCD. It's there if you look. Then press and hold the center Set button for a second to enter programming mode for that timer. It's really pretty simple once you understand how it works.

    I have not tried this with this timer, but with other shutter timers, ** If using the cameras own shutter times **, the timer needs a little longer shutter time than the camera shutter time. If for example, the timer is set to 1/4 second, and the camera is set to 1/2 second, the camera shutter will stop at 1/4 second with the timer signal. But if the timer signal is a bit the longest, then it will stop with the camera signal. i.e., they both have to be on if used that way. I just used shutter timer signal of 1/2 second with any normal camera time like 1/60, and that always worked.
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    Re: Shooting timelapse with D3200

    I have a D3200 and it doesn't have a built in time lapse feature. I have been using a remote timer I bought from Amazon and then just running it though my pc!

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