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    Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    Hello everyone,

    So I've had the for about a year now and I love it. I've taken it along with me to Alaska, the Everglades, the beach, you name it, taking pictures of mostly wildlife, scenery, and the moon. So far, I have 3 lenses, a stock 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses (that came with the camera), and a 55-300mm lens (which I've been using the most when taking photos of wildlife).
    While the camera is good, especially for a beginner, I think it's time for an upgrade. There are times where the shutter speed (like 3 frames per second) really screw me over, especially when trying to take pictures of birds in mid flight, or just animals or sporting events in general. Also, being forced to take pictures using a timer instead of a remote when using a tripod has ruined a lot of great photo opportunities (especially since I have to wait like 5 or 10 seconds for the photo to actually snap). Also, taking videos is kinda painful, since the autofocus noise is extremely noticeable and is kinda wonky to use in the first place.
    Now my boss has a mirrorless Sony a7, and while he swears by his life that mirrorless is the way to go (and despite how much I want one now that I borrowed it for a bit), I can't seem to justify buying it since my budget is around $400-$600... Plus, buying a full frame camera would mean I'd have to buy new / expensive full frame lenses. He suggested I'd get the a6000 instead, but the same problem persists (that and the sensor is not all that different than the d3100 and I heard that it overheats like crazy... plus the battery life just sucks).
    I figured that it's better to stick with Nikon since I already have 3 good lenses. Now the question is; I'm not sure what to get. I've heard people telling me to upgrade to the D5xxx series or the D7xxx series. Both sides have compelling arguments, but I can't seem to make my mind up. Hell, should I just keep the camera and instead just buy Prime lenses, like the 35mm or 55mm ones?
    What would you guys recommend?

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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    Welcome. If you really like your user interface and feel in your hand, look to the d5x00 series. If you want to kick things up a bit and do more tweaking of settings on the fly, look at a d7200. Less menu diving on the d7200, more things are changed with buttons and command wheels. You will have to up your budget $50 to $100. The top lcd will keep you better informed of your camera's current status. Lots of other differences, easy to google or search on the forum for "d7200 vs".
    You will have to put a little practice in, reading the manual and trying things as well as being sure you are up to speed on the exposure triangle. It is not a big learning project, you'll just want to practice a bit so your fingers know what to do if you are in a rush.
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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    Hello and welcome, quinton77. The D5xxx bodies are menu driven which is probably what you're used to with your D3100. The D7xxx series has shortcuts that involve pressing a button and spinning either the command or sub-command dials. That allows changes to be made very quickly.

    The D7200 has 2 card slots which allows a backup to be written to the second slot. Or you can set the second slot for overflow. Having a backup is very important in the event of a rare card-writing glitch. And I think the D7200's buffering is slightly faster than the D7500 (which only has 1 card slot). The D7200 has a Nikon grip available. There isn't one made for the D7500 although I *think* there is an aftermarket one available.

    If rumors are true, Nikon might discontinue the D3xxx and D5xxx series bodies. Instead, the D7xxx will be its entry level body - hence the removal of some intermediate features. A new D7200 is just $100 more than your budget since it will be discontinued. It's a fantastic body.

    One advantage of the D7xxx series is it accepts AF-D lenses which allows the AF to work. On your body, those lenses will only focus manually. There might be additional features of the D7xxx series. These are the ones that quickly come to mind. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    @quinton77, I started out with a 3200 and held on to it for a couple years. When I upgraded I went with the D7200 because I liked having control of the exposure with dials and buttons instead of going into the menus. It is also very similar in layout and menus to the full frame models like the 750.

    I loved the 7200 and I still use it some with my 200-500 f5.6 Nikon, although I have to admit I am currently enamored with my new Z6. You can find good deals on the D7200 frequently and you can also look at the refurbished market at Adorama, (mine was a refurbished model).

    I do not think you would be disappointed with the 7200...

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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    As others have said, the D7200 is worth a look. Used or refurbished you can probably find a good one in your price range. You'll have more control, faster frame rate, better autofocus. Good luck on the decision, and whatever you get, HAVE FUN!
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    Re: Thinking about upgrading my Nikon D3100

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    I will join the crowd and recommend the D7200. You will not regret it.
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