• Congratulations to JPar, Zilla, nikonpup, Just-Clayton and AxeMan-Rick S. for winning the December Kitsch decoration challenge.

    The selection was made using the number of likes received by participants and a bit of my personal taste as well.

    I hope all of you had a good time taking shots for this assignment.

    Here are the winning photos:

    JPar post #34
    Mac machine and D60 camera-jpar-post-34.jpg

    Zilla, post #30
    Mac machine and D60 camera-zilla-post-30.jpg

    Nikonpup post #11
    Mac machine and D60 camera-nikonpup-post-11.jpg

    Just-Clayton, post #16
    Mac machine and D60 camera-just-clayton-post-16.jpg

    AxeMan-Rick S. post #29
    Mac machine and D60 camera-axeman-rick-s.-post-29.jpg
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      great pics!

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