• Congratulations to Alan, mikes, Wev, Wiskeyman and Rodbender for winning the BIRDS June Assignment.

    The following images were selected with the count of "likes" given by viewers.

    Alan, post #48
    D40 camera error-alan-post-48.jpg

    Mikew, post #16
    D40 camera error-mikew-post-16.jpg

    Wev, post #23
    D40 camera error-wev-post-23.jpg

    Wiskeyman, post #97
    D40 camera error-wiskeyman-post-97.jpg

    And finally Rodbender, post #19
    D40 camera error-rodbender-post-19.jpg

    Thanks to all participants. All of you should be proud of your images and your work. I hope you all enjoyed participation.
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    1. Mike D90's Avatar
      Mike D90 -
      While the photos chosen were good images I am not really happy that they are being judged solely on "Likes" given. I had preferred photographic "merit" as a goal for improvement. There are so many "Likes" given out like cheap candy to kids but it teaches nothing.

      I am not sore I did not win and didn't even expect too but I will no longer enter any of the assignments.

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    1. nikonpup's Avatar
      nikonpup -
      i do not "like".
    1. gogoagogo's Avatar
      gogoagogo -
      Beautiful shot
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