• This contest saw some amazing entries. Simply put, an outstanding job all the way around. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for this one.

    Picking just 5 winners was very difficult and after much deliberation we were able to narrow it down to these top five entries which stood out above an already stellar field of entries.

    AxeMan-Rick S
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    arkite -
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    disciplerocks -
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    Kim20 -
    waterproof camera-25965d1359522281-creative-triptych-assignment-challenge-jan-9th-feb-10th-new-rules-apply-read-fi.jpg

    DTigga -
    waterproof camera-26553d1360098828-creative-triptych-assignment-challenge-jan-9th-feb-10th-new-rules-apply-read-fi.jpg

    Let me be the first to offer my congratulations to this month's winners and to also congratulate all who participated. Judging from the abundance of energy and raw creativity that went into this month's assignment, everyone came out a winner this month.
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    1. Moab Man's Avatar
      Moab Man -
      Thank you for the challenge. I learned so much doing it.

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