• Another week another winner! This time we are announcing the winner of the "Miniature/Small Scale" Challenge which ran from June 10 to 17.

    First of all, a hearty thank you to the "elite eight" who came up big by thinking small! (where to I get this stuff?) It's always nice to see people dedicate their free time to enter these challenges.

    As per normal, we had a quite a varied crop of worthy entries which made it very difficult to choose a winner! (that's a nice problem to have though! )

    Personally, I found Ted's "The Flaminkos go to the beach..." entry absolutely hilarious and Joe Lewis' Hoverfly entry to be the most stunning macro entry (really brilliant!)

    Having said that, here are the 2 entries that in my personal opinion in conjunction with your "likes" that were closest to the mark for this week's theme.

    #2- Monkey's Big Dream by Kim20: (click HERE to view the entry)

    As so many others agreed, your entry of this cheeky monkey was very creative indeed! It was particularly strong on the elements of "impact", "subject matter" and "story telling". Nicely done Kim.

    (drum roll please) Our big winner for this theme is:

    #1 - Model Railroad? by AxeMan - Rick S. (click HERE to view the entry)

    I know what you're thinking 'cause I'm thinking it too! Rick? Again? LOL! You have to hand it to Rick - just a super creative, intelligent guy!

    Rick took a seemingly normal image and skillfully used some post-processing techniques to conjure up this great miniature scene. Based primarily on "Impact", "Creativity", "Subject Matter" and "Technique" (4 of the 12 elements I used in judging), Rick pulled away from the pack.

    So Rick congratulations pal. Another job well done. We'd love to hear a few words from our winner if you please.

    Okay folks, please join me in congratulating Axeman on his winning entry!
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      TedG954 -
      Excellent work. Congrats!

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