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    This weeks challenge is going to be all about liquid and light. How you set it up and show your interpretation of this is entirely up to you, but the two elements must be in the same picture. Use your imagination and see what you come up with. Good luck everyone!

    How the Challenge Works
    1. Each challenge will run for 1 (one) week, beginning on Sunday and ending on the following Sunday. This is to give everyone a full weekend of shooting without having to worry about getting home to submit photos in time.
    2. Each week will have it's own thread. The title of each thread will be titled as follows:

      Weekly Challenge [dates]: [subject]
    3. A winner will then be chosen by a panel of judges the result will be posted in a blog entry before the next challenge is issued.
    4. Because scores are composites of a panel and the post "likes", Judges are allowed to participate.
    A challenge begins on Sunday and ends one week later, on Sunday.

    The Rules
    1. Photos must be posted to the thread in order to be considered for the challenge.
    2. Any photo submitted for a weekly challenge must be taken during the dates specified in the challenge thread and taken by you! Because not all EXIF data can be verified, we will use the honor system here.
    3. Challenges will be judged solely by the panel. Individual voting will be incorporated into the final selection of the winning photo.
    4. Only one photo entry per member, for each challenge.
    There will be no cash or prizes awarded for the Weekly Challenge, unless specifically noted by the site administrator. This is a member-run contest, and the purpose of the Weekly Challenge is to encourage member participation on the forums and to keep you taking pictures!

    Any photo will be accepted for the challenge. Edited/straight out of the camera, it does not matter. You are left with complete freedom to do whatever genre of photography you wish to do, and your own interpretation of the challenge subject.
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