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    Photo by Richard I'Anson

    Architectural Detail
    Weekly Challenge November 16-23

    The winner of the Alphabet Shapes challenge was JoeLewisPhoto. He issued this challenge and will be judging the entries.

    Architecture itself is a broad category, and I really don't care to see a bunch of random buildings. Instead, I want to see the DETAILS...modern or historical. Get creative with this!

    For this one, I will be judging on the following scale: 75% based on the quality of the image. That's right, I want to see your best work. I want effort put into this one!! The quality consists of everything like composition, lighting, and post processing. I am not looking for snap shots of the crown molding in your living room. The remaining 25% will be the creativity. Make the interesting details even more interesting!

    Good luck!!

    Be sure to visit the Weekly Challenge Rules & Guidelines for more information. This thread will be closed on November 23rd...so get those photos in!

    The Rules
    1. Photos must be posted to the thread in order to be considered for the challenge.
    2. Any photo submitted for a weekly challenge must be taken during the dates specified in the challenge thread and taken by you! Because not all EXIF data can be verified, we will use the honor system here.
    3. Challenges will be judged solely by the winner of the previous week. There will be no individual voting.
    4. Only one photo entry per member, for each challenge.

    There will be no cash or prizes awarded for the Weekly Challenge, unless specifically noted by the site administrator. This is a member-run contest, and the purpose of the Weekly Challenge is to encourage member participation on the forums and to keep you taking pictures!

    Any photo will be accepted for the challenge. Edited/straight out of the camera, it does not matter. You are left with complete freedom to do whatever genre of photography you wish to do, and your own interpretation of the challenge subject.
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