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    Mobile storage.

    I'm getting organised for a trip to Costa Rica in January and do not want to carry a laptop due to weight considerations. Researching data storage options I discovered the "Western Digital My Passport Pro" which appears to be a stand alone storage solution. I have read many reviews most of which indicate that the unit works best in conjunction with a smart phone. Not being a smart phone owner, one of the great joys of living in a cell service free area, this concerns me slightly. Does anyone here have first hand experience of this unit and care to comment.

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    Mobile storage.

    I had one years ago and found it difficult to use because they had (then) password locking. So you needed a computer....

    I just bought a sandisc ssd drive, and this plugs directly into my iPad Pro 11 as the iPad has an usb-c connector. Makes it really easy to copy photos off my camera SD straight into the ssd drive.
    Its awesome


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    Re: Mobile storage.

    I'm not sure which drive you're talking about. There's a difference between the WD My Passport Pro, and WD's WIRELESS My Passport Pro...

    I believe the Wireless Passport Pro is the one you want. It has an SD card reader built in and software that backs up the SD card to the drive... It also has a Plex server built in so you access/see the files on the drive with a smart phone. The smart phone isn't necessary to create the back up... When you get home, you simply plug the drive into your computer and your computer sees the drive as a large memory stick... with your photos on it...
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