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    Lens Fine-adjustments

    I recently bought a new D810. Upgrade for my D600... Of course, my first order of business has been fine-tuning-adjusting all my lenses to the new body. I've been using Reiken's Focal... <-- I'm old, and half blind so really rely on the camera and the computer to hit that focus point... I can see the monitor fine, but peeping the LCD at the point of taking the pic. is troublesome...anyway, enough rambling...

    It seems the necessary focus adjustments for the D810 are pretty much all over the spectrum... The D600 seemed to be pretty closely grouped to +3-4...but the D810 ranges from -2 to +6-8... depending on lens... Anyone else experienced wide-ranging differences between lens adjustments?

    Or is the difference that FOCAL is so precise compared to looking at fuzzy lines on a ruler that my adjustments on the D600 weren't very good...???

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    Re: Lens Fine-adjustments

    Any lens-camera body combination is unique. Since the values are well within setting capabilties of your D810, I wouldn't worry.
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    Re: Lens Fine-adjustments

    Focal is pretty precise. A friend of mine fiddled with manually adjusting his lenses on his 810 and was about to get rid of his 85 f1.4 because it always was a bit soft. But before parting with it he got focal and now it is his favorite lens. My friend is not suffering from old eyes either. He is lingering at the edge of his 20s.

    He is supposed to help me with my 7200 when Pat gets back on her feet.
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    Re: Lens Fine-adjustments

    I don't have any experience with FOCAL but remember when my D600 was serviced for the oil leak issue, I also had them check the AF calibration. None of my lenses had been fine tuned prior to the repair, but when the body came back, there was a huge improvement. So I'm guessing it is possible to have vast differences between bodies/lenses.

    Did you try using FOCAL on your D600 to see if the values change from where they've been set? If you like the results from your D600, it wouldn't mean you'd have to commit to those changes. Or don't you have the D600 anymore, Fred?
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    Re: Lens Fine-adjustments

    I still have the D600, Cindy... I'm debating whether to sell it or not. I don't need to sell it. Or any of the other 10 or 20 cameras...

    When I sent the D600 in for the warranty fix, I thought they said they had changed the shutter box. I was a bit skeptical but most of my lenses never needed adj. and ones that did, only needed +1 or 2... I guess I was lucky. Although, within weeks after getting it back, it really needed cleaning, bad. Rather than send it back and forth again, I just wet cleaned it myself, and it's been perfect ever since.

    I realize that each camera/lens combination is unique. I was just curious if other users had seen vast adj. differences between different camera bodies...

    Thanks everyone for your input...

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