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    Re: gaming mouse?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dangerspouse View Post
    Uh-oh. I sense some spam coming up...
    Spam is an automatic ban, and looking through the history of banned members, it used to be enforced all the time. With the latest frequency of spam from the same members occurring, I do think it will be enforced for first time offenders.

    If anyone sees a post where spam was added in at a later time (as in editing a post to include it), please don't hesitate to report the post.

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    Re: gaming mouse?

    I use a optical Logitech G502 wired, and they have a wireless option. You can set the DPI (speed) fast or slow on the fly, from 100 to 25,000, and there is a button that will slow it down until released if needed. Been using it daily for years, dropped about 3 feet (1 meter) countless times, the USB connector is bent, and it is still going strong. I think if I ever upgrade, it will be to the wireless. I see cheap mice advertised as "gaming", be careful. It may not actually matter for photo editing, but it may. https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/prod...10-005469.html.

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    Re: gaming mouse?

    gaming mouse?-my-gaming-mouse-244325.jpg
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    Re: gaming mouse?

    Watch out...

    gaming mouse?-dell-arm-2-1.jpg
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