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    Re: Transfer photos from camera

    They're pretty basic. Amazon has dozens for less than $10... The difference is whether it's just an SD card reader, and/or one that reads multiple formats (different type cards)... and whether it's USB 2.0 or 3.0 compatible... If your computer has USB 3.0 ports, get one that's version 3.0 compatible.

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    Re: Transfer photos from camera

    Quote Originally Posted by pecurtis View Post
    Thanks everyone. Card readers seem to be a popular choice here, any recommendations on which one or are they all basically the same?
    I've used several and I've never really noticed any difference between them. Just make sure it's at least USB 2.0 compatible, or 3.0 if your computer supports it.

    The one I'm using now is this little guy from Am-a-zon.
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    Re: Transfer photos from camera

    Transfer photos from camera
    Transfer photos from camera-kingston_mobilelite_g3_03.jpg

    By Kingston

    Bought one of these at work. Love it. USB 3.0 - regular SD and Micro. (no CF)
    Bought another for home - another for the mini-laptop which didn't have a full size SD reader built in.

    Not too costly - just checked Bestbuy.ca - $36 CDN and that is the G4 new version.

    Plug card in - transfer to a Temp holding (on an SSD if you have one) process what you want, save the good ones dump the rest.
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    Re: Transfer photos from camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Bikerbrent View Post
    I just use the Windows 10 file program with my PCs builtin card reader.
    That's what I do also.

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