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Well.. this is the first time am 'blogging' anywhere..
This is something i feel so deeply about that i had to write it...

Exactly around 8 months back, that's exactly a year after i got married, my wife gifted me a D5100.
Prior to this, not once had i clicked a pic anywhere.. No photos on my phone, no photos on a Sony digi cam, nothing.
Photography to me was something i wouldn't see myself doing. For some god forsaken reason.
I was a regular guy, with regular interests & hobbies though i leaned towards technology & gadgets and that kind of thing.

However, from within, i was in a stage in my life where i had lost all kind of hope for this world, the people...
I would look at anything & just 'ya whatever' it cos of the way our world is!
Corrupt politicians, greedy & selfish people, no one really caring for someone without expecting anything in return.
I just knew that something really drastic had to happen to the people for them to realize what it is to be human.

Then my birthday happened...
The minute i opened the gift pack, i was just taken aback.
The quality of the 'gadget' i held in my hand was fantastic. There was not much else i could comment upon cos i knew zilch
I decided i wanted the first pic to be of my wife, so i turned the camera on, removed the lens cap & clicked.
That was my first image ever.
I was quite disappointed cos i thought it wasn't rocket science to click a pic
Immediately pulled out the manual & started reading through it...

There was so much stuff there that i found it really difficult to understand.
That's when YouTube & Google happened to become my best friend.
I would just read anything anywhere and i couldn't believe the kind of interest this generated.

And of course, like any noob, i stumbled upon Ken Rockwell.
Believe me, i have read every single page on that website with anything related to Nikon & D5100.
Not that i could figure much out, but i just had to know more.
Then i slowly graduated to Mansurov's & there was a sudden breath of fresh air.
Reading through i came to understand the differences in peoples outlook & how wrong someone can be!
That was the last time i looked at KR's site.

The quest for Photographic knowledge was insatiable.
I knew deep down that this journey was one that would be the longest in my life & the only direction i could go, was UP.
I knew my understanding was now better, i could hold the camera & click a straight pic.. at most times.
Every day at work, home all i could read & see were related to photography.
And that resulted in double the amount of time in experimenting with the camera what i had seen or read.
Each passing day was so exhilarating that i could never spend one hour a day without thinking about a photo or my camera.
It looked like that i had gotten the camera & the world had suddenly become a gazillion times more beautiful!

I must honestly say this, and i never thought i would say this for anything in my life, but Photography changed my life. Cliche'd? Not in my case.
It really has.. It has given me a different perspective of life.. The face of joy captured is worth living for..
I got to be more patient, more understanding & basically definitely a better human being.

I do not know how many of you resonate with what i am saying, but i love photography. I love my Nikon.
And i love my wife for changing my life to the better. I still do not know if she got me this after understanding the way i had become & hoping this would change me or she just got me this, but it was a definite scene changer.

Now i am solidly infected with NAS, i have already bought 2 sets of lens, a decent tripod, a decent carry bag (All apart from the stock/kit) & i already have a long list of Lens (and cameras ) that i would love to invest in.

I am writing this blog here, on Nikonites cos this is kind of my 'Alma Mater'.
I have learnt more than i would imagine & am really happy with life...
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  1. Tami Jo's Avatar
    One of the things I love most about photography is the reprieve it brings me from the stressors of life. It makes one refocus if you will... to truly seeing the world and the beauty that exists if we only learn to see it properly. Perspective if forever changed. Photography is a passion and once grasped will take you places you've never been. You can share your vision with others and they too will be impacted by what you share. I have to say that Photography is indeed a treasure and it's value continues to grow. I too am enjoying every step in the journey.
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  2. Rancher's Avatar
    Wow, what to say. For me the camera is like a good book. When you have to put it down(like when life gets in the way) all you can think of is how soon you can get back to it. My pay off for the fun (sometimes work) of being able to take the photos is when someone appreciates them. Hope I never lose the love for it.
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  3. Homer72's Avatar
    I thought I was the only one that thought this way
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  4. sophie's Avatar
    One of the things I love most about photography is the reprieve it brings me from the stressors of life.I love them very much ,as like my best beautiful uggs norge!

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  5. Epoc's Avatar
    Very inspiring story. For me, photography for fun opened up my eyes to how the world really looks and it is a truly a beautiful place. I love taking photos, but I also love looking at other people photos.
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