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I had originally intended to post a blog to celebrate my first 6 months on Nikonites but, as today is somewhat miserable outside and not conducive to constructive photography, I decided to advance matters by one month on this, the 5th "mensiversary" () of my arrival on the forum.

Back in those bad old days when I had just got my new D3100 with its array of buttons and menus, I naturally stuck to auto mode (never descended to the beginner's level of guide mode) but soon moved on to AP and Manual modes (though I still occasionally use auto if I need a quick snap). Looking back at my early posts here I am horrified at some of the shots I considered worthy of inclusion here. Many of them got quite respectable numbers of likes but they make me cringe now; luckily the awarders of those initial "likes" have moved on, like myself, to greater things.

So why did I choose "Nikonites"? Basically, because it was the first one I came across on a Google search. Lucky me!

I've been a member of several forums concerning various subjects where members seem to spend most of their time insulting others and I have been banned a couple of times for giving my honest opinion about some people's ideas. Finally though, I have come across a haven of peace where people can post their best efforts, even if sometimes they're not very good, but where others incite them to better things rather than run them down and insult them. Nikonites is, as they say, "a broad church" with people of differing standards but not once have I ever see anyone put down over the quality of his/her equipment. Without wanting to overstate matters, this is as near to forum heaven as one can get.

Now to the matter of the members of the forum. Photography is such a wide subject that there are many areas of the forum I have not even had the chance to visit. Someone, someday, may find a surprising "like" for a photo he/she posted 5 or 10 years before. It will happen; our preferences change over time and we discover new things every day.

I don't want to pick out individual members for praise as I will no doubt forget someone and I have no desire to upset anyone, especially those whose interests coincide with mine: insects and spiders. The quality of shots posted is impressive and even those who have not gone into the realm of macro are stretching their equipment to the maximum. I am now taking photos I would have thought impossible only 6 months ago and much of it is down to the members of "Nikonites".

There is, however, one member who needs to be singled out as an inspiration and that is Scott Murray. I can't even hope to approach the level of his insect and spider photos with my present equipment but he constantly pushes me towards better things.

So, "Nikonites" and all its members, thank you for a wonderful 5 months and hoping that I will be able to comment on my 50th "mensiversary".
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  1. Lawrence's Avatar
    Great tribute to a great forum. I can associate with a few things here.
    1. I am at the beginning of my DSLR journey and also found this site first - lucky me too!
    2. The pictures I am posting here are probably shocking too but right now I am pleased with them and particularly my progress and have had a few likes even though some have been posted in the wrong place - embarrassed but too late to change these mistakes
    3. I can only endorse the incredible help from members who I am sure have better things to do than humour us newbies - your time, support and encouragement are most appreciated.

    Hopefully my progress will be rapid too.

    ​ Everyone stand and drink a toast to Nikonites!
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  2. Bill16's Avatar
    I'm sure most of us have had similar feelings and I know I do! Lol This has been an awesome forum for me since day one, and though my photos may not improve as fast as some, I know that they will improve thanks to many people here for their kindness!
    I do know that this hobby of mine is no flash in the pan so to speak, and I give the credit to all of those who showed me in a variety of ways how awesome being a photographer can be if you put your heart into it!
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