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I"m a recent arrival into the world of DSLR though I used an Olympus OM2n a number of years ago. For the past 15 years I have been using digital compacts, more to register the fact I was on the scene of something than anything else. Since I was a child, I.. have dreamt of taking close-ups of insects and flowers. Nikon was the ultimate goal for an amateur but always out of financial reach. Having used a cheap compact in the past couple of years to photograph work I was doing, I was amazed to find a Nikon, albeit an entry level camera, for an incredibly low price of less than 400. I didn't expect much from it but the increase to 14MP would mean I could get better definition.

I work in the tourist industry and over the years have noticed people with their Nikons and Canons without taking too much interest as I always considered them out of my league. Just over a month ago I decided to take the leap and ordered a D3100. Now, I tend to look at what cameras people have and wonder what they use them for. Lots have gone for top of the range Nikons and for the first couple of weeks I made excuses about "only" having a D3100. However, as I find out more about it and the 18-55 VR lens I begin to ask myself what people actually do with their cameras. Are they just "rich boys toys" to take "holiday snaps"?

The D3100 and the kit lens may just be entry level but they are far superior to what 99% of all photographers in the world are using. Do you really want to blow up your holiday shots so much that you can count the hairs growing out of someones' nose? Try macrophotography and even the basic D3100 and its man-of-all-trades kit lens will astound you.

Check out my photos in my gallery. I'm not trying to be some kind of superman, just some average guy who is looking to see how far I can push my equipment.
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