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hard to believe that his is now going into my 5th year of creating this Blog, for the first two years, I actually created the Blog Daily!, but now, it is more occasional spread over the year.

Each photography year gets busier with classes, followup, hangings, and a yearly photo show that I jury/help run. Would be sweet if the sales of photo
could take off, but,, I am happy if I sell the occasional print. I suppose if one really throws one into it, maybe an agent, but, then I would be distracted from
what I like doing, well taking photos.

My gear has stabilized again, with the Nikon 800 doing the heavy lifting still, and the mirrorless systems doing my run-about. I am still sad that Nikon will not
create a ultra high quality small compact SLR, I have full sweet AIS primes, that would work sooo well. I am wishing for an even smaller DF, I'll eventually pick
up a used one, but,, please Nikon,,

release an improved DF with say the 810 sensor PLEASEEEE, but make it SMALLER, Ligher, and HIGH quality, Keep the form factor to say identical to
my old F3.

I find myself now ,, shooting at

20mm 35 mm, and 50 mm and that is 95% of all my photos lately, with the occasional 80 for portrait or 150-300 for that tele Compression.

interesting enough, I have just about stopped using ANY Zooms! I have plenty of them, including high quality Trinities, but,, just am tired of their
bulk and compromised speed and or sharpness.

I now find myself like Never having to sharpen,,

well, enough for the start of this year's starting blog,
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