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As some packages show up to my house, I come to grips of being an equipment junky! Yes, collected over a 40 year period, the majority
in the last 15 years. One good thing, is that photography gear typically takes not a lot of space. I have not gone into the Portrait studio
mode with back drops, etc, Now that takes dedicated space.

I would say,, I have been filling in nitches, and lately been focusing on portability finally picking up a tiny pocket high end camera. At this
stage, I would say,, all the niches are filled in camera from tiny to big body. Although for me the 800 tops off the big body, never been
a fan of the HUGE body of the D3/4 cameras.

lately, I have returned fully back to primes. usually 1 ultra wide, one 35, and a 50,, sometimes an 80,, or so,,

one lens I really like is the old 75-150 which 3.5,, why do I love it,, well,, its compact, tough tough tough, real glass, pretty
fast for a zoom, and really really nice range. When I travel now, this is my tele on my cropped cameras (225 is good for most
zooms I am looking for). This is a series E lens, and can be bought for .. ready for this ,,, 40 dollars to 60 dollars! WOW,
serious quality for sooo little money!.

Can you imagine if Nikon could make a tiny high quality glass , with metal tube lens, what the price would be...

I was also just looking at my 50 mm 1.4 lens,, so nice.. ok this is the old manual lens..

Nikon needs a knock on the head! focus on compact, quality tight packaged gear. How about a metal upgraded 3000 series SLR! tiny ,, and
tight, then release a few new higher quality Prmies, metal, tight lens.

anyhow, time will tell.
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