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I took a chance, put on my waders, and carefully walked into the tidal flats,,, does make you a bit nervous, carrying your D800 and 80-400 lens, but,, sometimes, you have to take risk

acutally, I am always taking risks,, climbing cliffs, walkin up slippery water falls, overhanging objects, etc,, but its the pictures!

here is one of the shots.

Re-setting D60 camera-_dsc7631-best-type-smaller.jpg

Not bad, for hand held, fadin liht, moving target, I really like the way you can see the splash in front of the foot.

sometimes just lightening a bit changes the shot some

Re-setting D60 camera-_dsc7631-best-type-photosig.jpg
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Updated 10-23-2013 at 02:35 PM by stmv

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