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so,, how many of you have gotten either a Z6 or a Z7,

After 2 months now, I am putting my Z7 as the best Nikon camera for me persoonally. I have liked/loved many Nikon SLRs,
but only a few raised to my absolute favorites: they are now in this order .

Nikon Z7

Nikon D700/D800 -> replaced with a DF

Nikon F3

These are the three Nikons for me personally that shined the most. I loved my D700, until the 800 took over, but once I tried a set of mirrorless
the D800 became dated with the DF squeezing out any photo time.

The Z7 feels exactly how I would envision how a Nikon F3 would had naturally evolved too. Very similar form factor (the first for Nikon
digital SLRs to really slim down), with an improved grip over the rised bump of the F3.

Picture quality of the Z7 meets my expectations and totally meets my needs. Essentially, I detail and noise means that post processing is reduced
to tweaks in saturation/contrast/color when desired.

every one of my lens work within the limitation of the system

The monitor and ability to manually focus is super.

The loss of some dedicated function buttons has caused me to depend more on the i button, but once I tweaked my setups, I have managed
to set it up to my modes.

I love silent mode! for a reason that it extends my camera life, no longer having the shutter odometer going down, only use he mechnical shutter
for action shots and high speed, takes a bit for my mind to get used to missing that shutter sound feedback, but if you want the sharpest possible
lens with zero shutter effect, then silent is best.

Is the camera perfect, not for everyone as the net is prone to point out over and over and over again.

Every once in a while a product comes out that is tuned to my needs, Camera bodies are kinda like motorcycle frames,
they are not flexible, either it fits your body or does not, once you find that perfect motorcycle that fits your body like
a well fitting glove, you keep it! For me, the Z7 fits me like that perfect motorcycle.

more on what lens I added to complete this platform.. on my next blog entry,

after years and years of complaining about Nikon not having a mirrorless, my hats off to Nikon! bravo!!!!!

if Nikon is truly in your genes, then perhaps a Z7 or a very fine Z6 is in your future ,, that is if you are
not already using and or ordered.
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