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Really getting into the Groove of the Z7, after now 6 weeks, I must say I am totally happy with the Z7, and soon the Z6 is coming out rounding
out the Nikon Mirrorless family. So anybody holding back don't fret, either of these cameras can meet your needs.

Perhaps one of the stand out differences between Nikon and its competitors, is the camera oozes build quality, Not since my F3 have
I felt that the camera is no compromise in build quality. Speaking of F3, first Nikon Digital that truly evokes the spirit of the old
SlRs. It like this is the camera that the F3 would be.

Lens, wow, the new zoom is awesome! I started with the 35,, a very sharp and fine lens, but I should had also gotten the reduced
price zoom with the camera. This zoom is solid, incredibly sharp, and quite compact.

The converter works, and I love putting old pancake lens on this and have the silky smooth manual focus with the
focus peakng on. While not the most compact digital, way more compact then my 800 (sold).

Lots of chatter on AF trackng, works fairly well, from others that know more then me the 850 tracks better.

Overall, I am totally happy, and for any person that has followed my blog over the years, you have me beg for
this camera, even living for years with the inferior build Sony A7. Thank you Nikon,!!!!!!

Of course my cat has to be a test subject, convenient, and look at those eyes.

SB-900 worth it?-chow-5-smaller.jpg
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