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Spring is rushing in now, exploding really. I was running and this scene reminded me of the old screen saver on the windows machines.

For sale forum?-dsc02647-field-smaller.jpg

really simple, but for some reason, it is appealing, well at least for me.

in some ways, the on line age has conditioned people to expect fantastic, since every time they log on
they get some random perfect image of a far away place. I wonder if we are becoming de-sensitize to
beauty, mmmmm

Of course, those shots took so much effort, getting to the right spot, right light, right weather
often blending in mutliple shots or even times of day, more of a product then a single photo.
but, as such, people's expectation is rising. Go look at a 1970's National Geo magazine to today

or better yet, an wedding album from the 70's to today. Woe to the wedding photographer as
every wedding bride and groom expects art, but are the generation that expects things free.

anyhow, keep on shooting.

oh that reminds me,, I have a wedding shoot in 2 weeks, laughs, think artsy, think artsy.
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