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I used the camera for a photo shoot yesterday in an urban setting. First, its amazing how many people recognize the camera. It appears among photographers, many are aware and were very interested in seeing one. Next, it is a pleasure to use, and I am beginning to appreciate the quality of this sensor. I have noticed a reduced work flow time per photo, Zero noise reduction, zero sharpening, just adjusting the sliders in the RAW files. I am officially making this my ART camera for when I am producing projects.

Also, I noticed the weight is just right, after a couple hours, I barely noticed it, No,, not lightweight enough for travel/running/etc, but one does not feel tired after using it for a few hours. Of course, I am sticking mostly with primes,, just seems wrong to use anything else.

I hear more and more rumors that Nikon is considering a real mirrorless, with say a > 42 Meg sensor, mmmmm that could be interesting, course
the price tag will be super HIGH!

speaking of High ,, I was looking at the 70-210,, 2.8,, wow,, close to 2800 dollars for one lens! I just can't bring myself,, but then I began
researching the 70-210 F4, and wow, it is sharper, and lighter weight, and fast enough. I took a sample shot at the store, zoomed in,, and
really really impressive. I have never been happy with my 80-200 2.8 sharpness, beautiful made lens, but,, soft,, and well, hate to give away
detail. So,, I'll ebay my 80-200 2.8, and get this 70-200 F4. The lighter weight zoom balanced really well on my DF, but of course, would
fit best on my 800, or frankly, a 7200 for a bit more range.
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