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5 days,, onto the Nikon DF,, and how is it holding up in impression, very fine, I used it at a sporting event and even with
the slower Auto Focus and such, I found it up to the task. I took a pile of action shots, using my Nikkor 300 F4 lens, on
spot focus,,

The shots in post edit, barely needed any tweaking besides the standard RAW to JPEG flow. The colors were vibrant, and
the details there, with zero noise reduction needed.

I switched to allow Aperture control on the lens, to keep it super old school. I shot with it for about 2 hours, and found
the weight not distracting at all. Put a AF prime on the body, and one has a great city camera, keep the other AF Primes
in the pocket, and you can really go liight, Not as light as say a Fuji Xt1 or XT2,, but still compared to my D800,, way

I went from bright outdoors to indoors, and just cranked up the ISO to 3200, and presto. i can tell now that this
will be the teaching camera I use, just so convenient with a broad range of uses.

oh,, and yup, the door falls off, and you have to put it back on,, and same battery as my CoolPix,, sometimes the way
Nikon Cheaped out, has me scratching my head, for example, for a 3K camera, why have any fake chrome plastics,

but hey, just the way it is,, what is amazing is how quiet this shutter is! The 610 must also have a quiet shutter, since
I hear it was taken from that camera, and it is amazingly quiet. I have never had an SLR this quiet, I wonder how this
translates to sharper images? less noise, less vibration?

anyhow, let the Honeymoon phase continue.

Taking indoor photos with Nikon D3000-dsc_8006-run-smaller.jpg

Here is a random pick of the action shot,
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  1. Samo's Avatar
    I think you will discover, as many folks have, that all the criticism of the Df was not fair at all. The only thing true about all the naysaying was the high price point. Nowadays at half the original cost the Df IS the Nikon to own. Watch how people react to the camera.
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  2. stmv's Avatar
    The DF is partially a product of trying to keep the tooling and investments down on what is essentially a one off product. The biggest factor picking an off the self shutter mechanism that would fit into their form factor. The cost of redesigning a unique shutter and of course the risk! since this has been the problem child of Nikon lately what
    with oil splashing, So, the 610 shutter was the pick to help reduce the size of the DF, but this also caused some issues since the exposure board that went with it was
    the 39 point, and also, some function was lost like loosing aperature control in LV so one can no longer view the exposure real time like one can in the D800 or even
    D4 (a feature I love). On the otherhand, I am glad that they picked a shutter mechanism that they worked out the bugs! I think when you factor in that this camera
    is intended to appeal to the manual shooter, it does that very well. and yes, at 1600 dollars,, for a rebuilt, kinda the best deal out there currently.

    I would love if they could had afford to bring out a truly unique product line, but those days are gone, as Nikon has to consolidate product lines. So,, glad that
    this quirky camera saw the light of day. In the end, I think the engineers did the right set of compromises to bring an high end camera out.
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