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When I left Pensacola FL last Saturday it waas 89 and sunny. I arrived in Barrow the next day and was greeted by 36, foggy and light rain. It was culture shock to say the least. This time of year it is light 24 hours a day. I am told in another couple of months the caribou will be all over the place, as well as seals and polar bears.

I have quite a task ahead of my to bring this microbiology lab into the 20th century. When that is done, I will bring them into the 21st century.

They put me up in an apartment which is about half a mile from the Artic Ocean. The ice is breaking up finally and it presented some beautiful scenery. I will take some photos today when I get off work and upload them tomorrow. I don't have internet at the apartment yet so I will have to rely on the internet at work.
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  1. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    Glad to hear that you've arrived in Barrow safely. Now stay that way and take photos when you can. The job sounds like a real challenge.
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  2. STM's Avatar
    It is going to be a lot of work but I like a challenge. The Lab Manager has pretty much given me free reign to do what I need so that is a big help. I would not say that money is no object but so far she has been totally receptive to all of my recommendations so I will pretty much be able to set up the lab like I need it to be.
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  3. Blacktop's Avatar
    Good to hear you made it safe to Alaska. I hope you have some free time to take lots of great shots.
    Just remember that since the polar ice is still broken up, means that the polar bears can't feed on seals. Means that if you see one coming, it's a good bet that he's hungry!
    So, RUN!!!
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