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This project is going to contain NSFW images so don't open this at work or in front of the wife and kids.

Well, I picked up some 35mm TX today in prepartion for my "back to the 60's" retro project. I am going to go out shoot some non descript stuff tomorrow and play around with ASA (remember that term) and development to get just the right amount of grain that I want for these nudes. I am really thinking I can stick with ASA 400 and manipulate processing with undiluted D-76 and 75 degrees to get the amount of grain I want. I want to have visible grain but not golfball sized stuff. Come to think of it, I might even shoot some stuff and dump it in real cold water after the fixer to reticulate it. I have not done anything like that in about 30 years!
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    Well it looks like the undiluted D-76 and 75 degrees is going to do the trick. I was a little concerned because I made up the D-76 stock about 6 months ago anticipating some processing and it never materialized. The stock solution was stored in a dark cabinet with essentially no airspace at the top of of the bottle so it does not appear any oxidation took place. The negatives had great density when developed for 6 minutes.
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