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Recently I had the opportunity to do a couple of portrait sessions with a friend. It was quite the adventure since it was my first time taking pictures of someone who really wanted me too These are some of my favorites.

She seemed to like them and called me yesterday to set up another session. Here are some of my favorites from our two sessions. I learned a lot and hope to do better with lighting and exposure the next time.
D40 switching off-ts09.jpg
D40 switching off-ts01.jpg
D40 switching off-ts02.jpg
D40 switching off-ts03.jpg
D40 switching off-ts04.jpg
D40 switching off-ts05.jpg
D40 switching off-ts06.jpg
D40 switching off-ts07.jpg
D40 switching off-ts08.jpg

My model is a local singer who is working on her first album and wants to use my shots on her website and album. The indoor shots were taken in a little furniture store in Albuquerque, after hours. I shot pictures, rearranged furniture and lights for almost three hours. By the end we were pretty tired and had acquired a hooded stalker watching us outside the store. It was a big adventure for this quiet librarian. Can't wait to do it again!

Thanks for looking.
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  1. fotojack's Avatar
    Deb...nice posing and composition on all the shots. My only advice for you would be to get yourself another flash, and most definitely a soft box for better lighting. That would be my only critique....the lighting. Not enough of it. I can't wait till you do it again either!
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  2. sepia princess's Avatar
    Hi fotojack!
    Thanks so much for the input! I will definitely put those things on my list of essentials. I still have soooo much to learn. Thanks for the nice comments too

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  3. jengajoh's Avatar
    Also, to do some post processing since you didn't have enough light here, you can put into Photoshop or your program of choice, and play with the exposure and see if you can lighten it up a bit.
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  4. Marcel's Avatar
    Good job Deb. The other thing that might help your shots would be to put more space between your model and the background. When I was shown portrait, the other thing I was told to do was to angle the shoulders to create a diagonal line that would help take the eyes to the model's face, in other words avoid the straight shoulders.
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